Friday, November 2, 2007

Professional Satyagraha?

If the world or some nation has a professional Satyagraha force, and the members are paid, will that change their level of dedication?

If people get paid to put their lives on the line, like soldiers, we may presume that some will do it for the money, at least in part. They may like the job fine, as long as it's not too dangerous. But true Satyagraha may involve putting your life on the line in a very dangerous situation.

Will people who do it as a job be able to do that? I know soldiers do it, but they can hide behind guns and body armor, and hope they kill the enemy before the enemy kills them.

This is an important question.


caedmonstia said...

I am not sure that professional satyagraha could work, because to truly be a non-violent activist, you have to be willing to die for the cause. At least, this is what Nagler postulates and I think it is true. IF you are really opposed to using violence to achieve justice (and some theories propose that perhaps ALL violence is committed by people who feel they are somehow doing justice), then you have to be willing to die rather than kill. I don't think money could motivate someone to do this. It has to be something deeper, some sort of faith or devotion, something sacred to you...

Devin said...

If professional satyagraha is not possible, then how can institutionalized satyagraha work?

What is the model for the United Nations to support and use satyagraha instead of a military?

If professional satyagraha is not possible, are we left with only the option of a worldwide military?