Saturday, January 17, 2009

International Solidarity Movement

The International Solidarity Movement is a non-violent action group focusing on Palestine. It was founded in 2001 by two Palestinians, an Israeli, a Palestinian-American, and another American.

ISM brings civilian volunteers from around the world to add strength to Palestinian non-violent resistance.

ISM statements have supported the right of Palestinians to violence against Israeli soldiers, but criticizes the Palestinian violence as less effective than non-violence. They point out that other revolutionary events, such as the freeing of India from the British, and the African-American civil rights movement, had both violent and non-violent components. The willingness of the ISM to justify Palestinian violence has led to criticism by other non-violent groups.

The ISM has taken more casualties than other groups using similar tactics. The American Rachel Corrie, an ISM volunteer, was deliberately run over by an Israeli tank in 2003. Three other ISM volunteers have been severely wounded by Israeli gunfire.

ISM volunteers deter military actions, witness checkpoint activity and advocate for Palestinian travelers there, escort doctors, violate curfew, attempt to block construction of the West Bank barrier and decorate it with political graffiti, enter closed military zones, and run the sea blockade of Gaza.

ISM has feuded with One Voice Peace Summit, which is says does not fully support Palestinian rights guaranteed by international law.

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