Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nonviolent Communication

This is from Annika:

Thanks for the Peace Thinking link. Its so disheartening feeling disempowered from this monster we’ve created. I’ve felt some degree of satisfaction working with MoveOn- occasionally contributing another $25, or making a call, or attending a get together.. I really like how it supports local connections and people-meeting. I also like how they’re expanded their issues to counterpoint the children’s health care veto against a week in Iraq. I think that campaign is really going to rattle a lot of people to scratch their heads and ask why?

For me, an angle that has captured my interest and really challenged me, personally, is the ‘nonviolent communication’ practice, which really brings everything home to creating peace form within – within one’s relationship to self, and to immediate family and neighbors and people we encounter each day. The practice and study of non-violent communication clearly reveals the dominant culture of dominance within which we’ve all been raised and that has been used as a model. As a mother with small children I’m acutely aware of the way this culture has permeated all of our behavior, and how I model for my kids. Anyway, maybe you know about this. If you want to know more, here is a link.


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